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Mateeba Pools is a small construction company based on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

What are the Construction stages?

There are a number of steps involved over the whole project.

Firstly there is the development application or council approval stage. During this step the owner will need to provide us with all their design requirements for the pool. Mateeba will arrange the DA with the council and notify the owner if anything further is needed.

Once the DA is received and the construction certificate issued, we can begin excavation.

The form, steel work and any shoring is followed by the concrete spray. The shell will need to cure for 3 to 4 weeks after the concrete shell has been sprayed. 

The plumbing and the installation of the gear follows as we get closer to finishing the pool.

Once the pool fence is up and any landscaping is complete, its time for the preparation and installation of the pool interior.

When all of this is complete, a comprehensive clean of the pool is done and then water and the minerals can go in.

Do you organise the Development application and construction certificates?

Yes. We will do all the applications and paperwork necessary to get approval for the pool project to go ahead. If the owner has organised this already that is fine also.

How long does it all take?

It can be a little hard to say. Every project is different. In a perfect scenario the DA process will take around 1 month and the construction of the pool will take up to 3 months for everything to be completed. Related projects on site such as Landscaping, extensions etc, weather, unforeseen troubles can push this back however.

Are you a Master builder?

Yes. We are a Master Builders Association member.

How much?

Once again, it’s hard to say. As all our pool projects are different, we need to come and inspect the site and chat with the owner about the specifics of the project before we can begin to calculate the price. Please reach out to us in the contact us page to arrange a quote.

What warranties do you offer?

Our pools come with a 7 year structural warranty, 3 year interior finish warranty and 3 year manufacturer’s pool gear warranty.

What is coping?

Coping is the pavers or stone work around the edge of the pool. This will often be a natural stone such as travertine or limestone. This will likely set the tone for the surrounding landscape of the pool area, such as the pavers or decking etc.

What will the owner need to provide?

The owner will need to arrange the installation of the pool fence, surrounding landscaping, any pool gear housing, coping material and waterline tiles, electricity and water. Mateeba will be happy to refer you to companies to arrange these projects or the owner can organise them independently.

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