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MagnaPool Minerals

All pools and spas built by Mateeba Pools use MagnaPool Minerals.

In place of Chlorine or saltwater, a Mateeba Pool uses a patented blend of minerals known as MagnaPool. This results in Crystal clear water that is easy on your skin. Unlike Chlorine or saltwater pools, MagnaPool uses a natural blend of Magnesium and potassium. The Minerals run through the Hydroxinator and sanitises the pool water, keeping it healthy and clean.

Effectively this results in little to no eye irritation, no sticky or smelly hair and an all round relaxed body after you have been for a swim. Without getting to bogged down in the science, the magnesium has health benefits as well. As the water is absorbed by your body, one may find that it relieves stress, reduces some aches and pains and some detoxification may occur.

For more details, you can visit MagnaPools website


All Mateeba Pools come with the required levels of minerals at completion of the project.

The minerals levels will need to be topped up periodically, due to spillage, overflow, backwash etc.

Please reach out to us in the Contact page should you wish to top up your supplies or purchase some Minerals for your pool.